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About us

monumentum global GmbH is a competence center that provides a full range of technological and technical project consulting services. 

The main company competences are: 
▫️ technical and economic planning services; 
▫️ innovative technologies market promotion ; 
▫️ investments management of high-tech projects; 
▫️ expert independent assessment of IT companies & projects, (Due Diligence and M&A transaction support); 
▫️ consulting & analytical research (markets, technologies, economic sectors). 

The company unites professionals in economics & high technologies with work experience in leading Europe & CIS companies, aimed at using their knowledge and skills to develop projects with social status, as well as commercial projects, that will benefit the economy of the country or the region.

▫️ Development and optimization of investment and production programs and plans. 
▫️ Systems integration, delivery of modern high-tech equipment and software. 
▫️ Assets technical and economic audit and optimization, assets assessment and prognosis.
▫️ Development of strategic plans on enterprise processes optimization. 
▫️ Development enterprise products roadmaps. 

Partnership with us is a way to increase the efficiency, reliability and security of complex technical and technological systems. 

Our solutions


Electric vehicle charging solution

Mobile app.: 
EV Charging sessions management, balance top up with payment card. Real time view on free chargers. Usage history. Favorite charging locations. Multiple languages support. Charging sessions completion notifications. 

Charger monitoring: 
Real time charger monitoring. Real time states of charge points controllers and EVSE states. Support of “fast“ and “slow” chargers. 

Rating and charging: 
Rating based on multiple parameters (individual or combined) – session start, energy consumption, charging duration, charger occupation duration, AC/DC charger type, nominal charger power. 

Charger management: 
Standard based OCPP protocol support. Remote start and stop of charging session. Manager configuration parameters (including proprietary vendor extensions). Remote charger firmware updates. 

Usage and debt control: 
Predefined limits on service usage. Real time control and stop charging in case of limit breach or insufficient balance or debt. Payment card debit on service completion. Periodic attempts to recover debt by payment card. 
Network segmentation: 
Partition charger network (“virtual charger network”). Allow or limit individual subscribers or subscriber group or corporate subscribers charger groups. Set special rates for groups of subscribers or virtual charger networks.

Electric vehicle carsharing

Short term rent: 
Rent electric vehicles with pay-as-you-go per minute and/or per kilometer rates. 
Long term rent: 
Rent electric vehicles for longer periods (day, week, month) with fixed price and optional mileage limits. Support of advance payment and “on completion” charging. 

Corporate subscriptions and rates: Set special tariff plans and rates for groups of subscribers and corporate subscribers. Charge corporate subscribers using single group or corporate account.
Charger integration: 
Seamless integration with EV charging solution. Real time monitoring of EV battery charge level. Automatically set discharged/fully charged EVs unavailable/available to rent.

Charging bonuses: 
Set special rates (or issue bonuses and account top ups to subscribers) on rented vehicle charge duration, to reduce EV maintenance periods. 

Incur penalties on rent completion with low EV battery charge and not connected to charger. Keep track on allowed driving zone breaches, time spent and mileage outside allowed driving zone. 
Rating and charging: 
Differentiate rates for EV groups and subscriber groups. Create different rates based on geo zones, variable per minute and mileage rates based on rent duration and driving distance. 

Mobile App: 
Multi language mobile app for end-to-end carsharing service usage – registration and documents upload, browse available EVs and rates, payment card registration and balance top up, book, short-rent or long-rent EVs, interact with customer support. 

Promo codes: Invitational promo codes on registration. Volume based promo-codes. Personalized promo codes with rewards both for referral and promo code redeemer.

Photovoltaic generation 

Real time monitoring: 
Collect, analyze and store more than 100 telemetry parameters in real time from multivendor PV generation equipment. 

Inventory management: 
Account all PV generation infrastructure equipment (inverters, solar panels, batteries). Keep track on state (installed, in storage) location, movement of individual infrastructure items and components. 

Infrastructure operation: 
Remotely control generated power, manage MPPT, reduce individual inverters generated power or disconnect inverts from grid to stay within allowed grid connection limits. Manage reactive power correction. 
Energy accounting: 
Account generated energy in terms of each photovoltaic plant, individual location within photovoltaic plant, or individual solar inverter. Keep historic records on generated energy per day, month or year. 

Rating and charging: 
Multi-tariff energy supply rates. Differentiate rates on per subscriber basis. Reduced rates/discounts based on consumed energy. 

Grid connection: 
Manage grid connections, account power meters and transformers, model contracts with grid operators and energy providers and consumers. Account technical terms and conditions, obligations.

Our platforms


Service delivery platform for sustainable energy services.

General capabilities:

CRM: Manage contacts and subscribers. Tracks persons, groups of persons and organizations as subscribers. Keeps historical subscriber records, «point in time» snapshots of corporate subscribers contacts and managers.

GDPR: Sensitive and personal data is stored in a separate protected module, separated from the rest of the platform, with enhanced protection and data encryption.

Account management: Manages personal, group or corporate account. Multiple sub-accounts support (multi currency, bonus sub-accounts, service usage sub-accounts). Provides credit and debit account types, individual credit limits per account and currency.

Tariff plan constructor: Multi parameter rating & charging. Step charging based in service usage. Special tariff for groups, corporate subscribers. Time based activation and retirement of tariffs.

Multiple languages: Built-in support for multiple languages. Multi language fields for information provided to subscribers (addresses, notifications, instructions) in their native language. Automatic translations with manual corrections options.

Loyalty campaigns: Manage marketing loyalty campaigns. Issue personal (named) or volume based coupons and promo codes. Instant and conditional promo codes redeem rewards.

Online payments: Secure online payments for subscribers with no sensitive payment card data stored on the platform. Top up balance, one time payments, recurring payments, refunds.

Notifications: Secure online payments for subscribers with no sensitive payment card data stored on the platform. Top up balance, one time payments, recurring payments, refunds.


Data integrating chat bot.

Intellectual corporate chat bot: 
Reminds of tasks not done, unaccomplished obligations, business processes not finalized; 
Easy access to corporate information, 
corporate directories, various data in corporate IT systems; 
Ability to integrate with cloud based systems, as well as on-premises IT systems.

Functional capabilities:
Project monitoring;
Timecards monitoring and control; 
HR functions assistance; 
Financial reports submission monitoring and control.

System capabilities:
Cross IT-system data correlation / integration;

Multi-channel user interaction; 

Data extraction from IT systems; 

Data insertion/update in IT systems if necessary; 

Support of the organizational structure of the enterprise, accounting for the subordination of users; 

Customizable work / production calendar (holidays, crossed working days); 

Customizable % of required employee workload, including non-standard workload periods; 

Vacation accounting; 

Customizable notification intervals, notifications only during working hours or 24x7;

Personal notifications and role group notifications; 

Built-in business rules engine, dynamically adding, editing, disabling business rules.


monumentum global GmbH 

Office: Lange Enden 29, 13437 Berlin, Germany 
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CEO: Evgeniya Ten 
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